With many years of experience as a magazine editor-in-chief, I know all about the ins and outs of publishing. An editor’s job isn’t just about editing, but curating the overall look, feel, and voice. It’s setting a budget and deadlines and knowing how to work with a sales team and marketing, freelance writers and designers. I’ve also styled and helped direct dozens of photo shoots. From start to finish, I’ve been involved in or overseen the production of over 100 magazine issues as well as the corresponding digital assets, and have produced special advertising sections and inserts for magazines. I worked with an amazing team to help pull it all off. These many years of experience enable me to offer a service seldom found outside of large publishers: boutique custom publishing for print and digital.

If having a visitor guide for your town or a dining or shopping resource or a lookbook catalog for your business has been something you’re considering, I can help. Depending on your need, I pull from a network of top-notch designers, photographers, writers, and web developers, as well as sales experts, to build the right team for the project. I work with clients to develop a budget and timeline and manage the entire project from start to finish.