Writing for websites, marketing materials, and press releases are individual of each other. The voice and messaging for a press release is geared toward a different reader than your target audience, and is therefore crafted differently than, say, your website, which should include ample subheads and keyword-rich copy that sounds natural and compelling. An experienced copywriter is well aware of these subtle nuances. 

I’ve worked with clients on website content and even site planning and SEO keyword research, and maintain a network of graphic designers, web developers, and photographers who I can pull in to assist with just about any marketing project a client may have. I’ve worked on marketing campaigns in the past, with a heavy focus on messaging, and relish developing snappy taglines and slogans for branding. I’ve written plenty of advertorial and business bios. And having been on the receiving end of thousands of press releases, and also knowing how to get through to an editor, the press releases I write for clients have a very high rate of return; I almost always land editorial coverage for my clients.